About Us

About Us


Deals Connection Real Estate is a Dubai based real estate brokerage firm, which was formed in February 2013 with a proven track record in successful private real estate investments as well as private property management development operating in the Emirates. The company is managed by talented personnel who have demonstrated outstanding business management capabilities during years of senior positions in management consulting firms with significant exposure to the real estate industry in the United Arab Emirates.  Management of your property goals is of greatest importance to us, so in this way our property management firm and personnel are structured in the following way:

  • Commercial

  • Residential

  • Investments

Equipped with our deep understanding of our market and our strict adherence to our core values which are honesty, integrity and the belief that our own success is inseparable from that of our customers, Deals Connection Real Estate is charting the way for property success for us and our customers.


Deals Connection Real Estate believes in innovation and the introduction of new concepts that aim towards setting new standards in the market.  We have pioneered the use of new ways to do things better for our customers and the real estate industry at large within the United Arab Emirates and the region.

Advice & Education

We edify our landlords with the small things that may be overlooked for example:

Maintenance of property as well as where they may be able to make structural changes to their properties in order to get further value from their investments.

Up keep and general ideas of how best to sell a property for maximum benefit.

We provide a continuous channel for engagement, feedback and advice before and after the sale.  This helps us build long-term     relationships and our customers benefit from our services even after the service has been rendered.

We are readily available to take customer enquiries through our centralized contact centre which controls and manages customer enquiries and forwards them to best available consultants to ensure they are not getting inconsistent services from us.

We maintain strict quality controls for all our staff and each go through a rigorous training regime before they are permitted to deal with clients directly, this includes protocols for communication, dress code, professionalism of service and their experience and knowledge surrounding the property area they cover.

Our customers are not just sold or leased properties we also provide valuable tips and information of the surrounding areas, schools, restaurants, demographics and other related information to ensure they are comfortable in respect to the property decision they have made.